Ensuring that ownership, control, access, and possession of key information remains where it is needed most – in the hands of Indigenous peoples.



Hawk Data System allows communities to identify their own priorities, determine what they want to track, enter their own information,
and use that data to develop reports and track progress towards concrete outcomes.

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“Hawks are able to see the whole picture. They provide focus and clarity in complicated environments. Their powers of observation are central to their ability to focus on what lies ahead.”​

Hawk Data System emerged from a partnership between Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council, a non-profit society that provides advisory services to its eleven Coast Salish member First Nations in British Columbia, Canada, and eCenter Research, an e-health service provider that works with agencies across North America delivering population health data management and outcomes monitoring services.​


Indigenous peoples in Canada are moving towards a model of wellness and community development that is community-driven. Hawk Data System gives Indigenous communities and organizations the opportunity to look at complex information and focus it into meaningful results. It allows users to produce reports that clearly articulate progress towards their vision.


Hawk Data System is a flexible web-based system that can be configured to respond to the unique needs and reporting efforts of each community and organization, so that they are able to:

  • Determine goals for self-governance
  • Support strategic direction and planning

  • Monitor progress towards community-defined goals

  • Improve access to information for decision-making

  • Strengthen administrative management

  • Track health and wellness outcomes 

  • Increase autonomy​

Data Management

Data Management graph
Data Management graph

Prior to colonization, Indigenous peoples collected, used, and governed the information they needed to make informed decisions related to resource management, culture, and well-being. Reclaiming Indigenous sovereignty requires the identification of each nation or community’s own data needs, the development of their own indicators of wellness, the management of their own survey processes, and the possession and management of their own data.


Central to these efforts for self-determination and cultural preservation is the ability to own, control, access, and manage information about their peoples. Hawk Data System provides an online platform for doing just that.